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About us

Accountability And Honesty

Our Vision

To make cryptocurrency safe and accessible to all by collating data for greater transparency.

Our Mission

To be the pioneer of digital identity and provide innovative value-added solutions in data storage and financial security

Verify is a data led project that has one goal: To make crypto investing safer for all irrespective of experience or knowledge. 


For the novice investor, we will become a source of education that will expand their knowledge allowing for better decision making. For the experienced investor who may spend hours researching the next project to invest in, Verify will be a research tool that mitigates risk and frees up much needed time. For developers of projects, Verify will become a barometer to be used to give their investors assurances that the project is legitimate and not a scam. 


Verify Lens is the utility that will underpin our mission and bring much needed transparency in a sector mired in controversy due to the sheer volume of scams taking place daily. Verify will become a thorn in the sides of all scammers and threat actors currently operating with impunity and making lives a misery for so many. 





Verify Lens

Verify Lens is the utility behind Verify Token. It serves as an all-in-one investor tracking dashboard and analytics that reflects a safety rating or ‘Verify’d’ score on a project or token. The goal of Verify Lens is to bring greater transparency to the high risk DeFi sector.


Lens will take into consideration key data metrics such as:


- Token contract analysis (we will see if the contract itself has a large proportion of tokens within dev holdings and others)

- Token wallet holder analysis (Provides evidence of suspicious activity such as large unbacked tokens are being moved, as is common case with rug-pulls and scams)

- Liquidity Lock (Unlocked liquidity is a huge red flag for potential rug pulls)

- Social media analytics (This will provide information from their active platforms)

- And more 


All these key areas will be analysed by our unique Verify Lens algorithm which will in turn produce a Verify’d score to determine our objective view on the safety of the project.


Regarding newly listed projects, community engagement and feedback is critical for the cryptocurrency sector; especially considering BSC projects and the number of scam tokens that have been created and released. The Verify Team, when developing Lens will look for community input on newly listed or soon-to-be listed projects that requires vetting and contract analysis.


The cryptocurrency space is very dynamic; changes are happening daily in terms of project goals, roadmap targets and even changes to contract coding.  Thus, Verify and Verify Lens will be just as dynamic to cover as much of the sector as possible.




Road Map

  • - White Paper and Road Map released 

    - ICO website development 

    - Smart Contract testing

    - Commence Verify marketing strategy 

  • - Whitelist sale commence 

    - ICO sale commence 

    - Official launch on Pancake Swap

    - Contract audit with TechRate 

    - Commence Verify Lens R&D

    - CMC and CG listing

  • - Official website launch 

    - Aim to secure CEX listing

    - Add features to Verify Lens

    - Offer initial Verify Lens subscription/beta testing

    - Aim for Verify Lens launch

    - Activation of VRFY logo on Trust Wallet and MetaMask

  • - Consider strategic partnerships

    - Expand the Verify project to cover various sectors in relation to data storage, access and utility 

    - Beyond Q2 2022, the Verify Board will explore future use-cases including but not limited to NFT's




William Chan


Mary Jones

Communications Director

Martin Slater


Nadeem Iqbal

Analytics Guru

Aleksander Kaminski


Monica Frederick

Social Media Director

Alex Pyburn

Business Strategist

Peter Somerville

Marketing Director

Steven Turnbull

Technical Lead

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